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Prepare for Launch

Get ready for the 2019 FRC challenge: Destination: Deep Space!

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Main Engine Start in…

Team LongMetal is heading into Deep Space, but the season doesn’t start until January! We are currently in preseason mode, learning as much as we can before crunch time.

Season Teaser for the 2019 DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Presented by The Boeing Company.

About Us

Team History:

We are a rookie team this year. We formed in the fall of 2017 and spent the preseason doing team building activities and visiting Western New England University where several valued mentors helped us learn valuable skills for both the build and competition seasons. We started to build a robot out of FIRST Global materials but were unable to complete it before we had to devote all of our attention to building our competition season.


Team Strengths:

Our team thrives off our ability to adapt to change. As a rookie team, no one was expecting the amount of dedication that the season would require, yet every member stepped up and performed admirably, often working side by side with people whom, just weeks ago, they had only known in passing. The entire team bonded more quickly than anyone could have imagined, joking around with each other like old friends. On days when we had to cancel practice due to snow days, a hardy few showed up at our coach's house to build the drive train or install our lead screw. Nothing could stop us from having a working robot by Stop Build day..


School Phone

 (413) 565-4220


Meet Sir LanceBot

Weight: 119.75 lbs. / Max. Cube lift height: 28 in.       Drive Train: Tank Drive (Belt driven) / Vertical Arm: Screw-driven lift with pneumatic grippers and motorized intake wheels

Robot & Game Strategy:

Our robot, Sir LanceBot, is designed to place cubes on the switch and in the vault. We deemed the tasks of tackling the scale and climbing to be to difficult for a rookie team and decided instead to be as effective as possible in controlling the switch and earning power ups for our alliance. Once we have control of our own switch, we will be able to go to the other side of the field and take ownership of the other alliance’s switch using power cubes from the portals located near the other team’s alliance station. Additionally, we plan to deliver power cubes to the vault to activate the levitate power up because our robot cannot climb.

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